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How are you going to know something is possible unless someone articulates it for you.

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This tutiorial will get bigger. It does not matter where you start. Each lesson is like a pixel of experience in a painting. It's only when you have enough pixels of experience that you can see the whole pixture.

Your experience is the teacher.

How would you like to:
Have a two dimentional image of a room show up and have it converted to a three dimentional holographic image you can walk around in.

Instead of seeing your brain as a black box where your consciousness is trapped, you can travel inside your brain and learn about it's amazing potentials that you can explore and tap into from the inside.

Are you interested in Super Creativity? How often have you heard some artist, poet, writer, lyricist say, "I don't know where that stuff comes from." Become aware of how the brain creates content from the inside.

Did you know that your brain squeezes parts of itself as it's working on a problem?

All the lessons here are designed for you to learn that you have an internal intelligence that does things for you.

Nothing new here, you take a walk and don't remember how you got there. You make a speach and everyone is impresssed how well you presented the material but you cannot remember what you said.

What is new is developing an understanding of how your body and mind are designed for conscious interaction.


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